Substantial future demand for British steelwork for UK Government Projects

Good news for Caunton Engineering and the whole British structural steelwork industry. The government has already stated that present procurement guidance requires central Government procurers to consider “the social and economic impact of the steel they source” on projects worth over £10m rather than go for the cheapest option. This will mean British steelwork whenever possible. The procurement guidance has now been extended to include projects below the current threshold of £10m and those from local and health authorities. The release of the forward pipeline of steel projects shows that central government infrastructure projects will need enough steel to build the equivalent of 173 Wembley stadiums – or 3 million tonnes worth of steel across 18 separate projects.

The published data gives examples of the industries where the demand is going to be sizeable. This includes rail , defence and nuclear, all sectors where Caunton excels. Caunton Engineering’s Web site gives many examples of successful projects completed by the company in these sectors. They include several major Railway Maintenance Depots, Nuclear Waste Storage facilities and a Ministry of Defence Procurement centre. To visit the website please use this link. click here

Government plans to start publishing its indicative future steel requirements on an annual basis, initially looking forward to 2020. The future looks very bright and busy for Caunton Engineering.

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