The Caunton Academy


The Caunton Academy was established by the company to address the industry’s skills shortage.

The facilities provide a model production line aimed to simulate and map the processes of an actual working production line and industrial environment. Within this environment, our Apprentices work towards achieving their Advanced Apprentice in fabrication, and welding. Right from the start the academy proved to be highly successful, and this led to its being recognised as an accredited Training Centre from August 2008 by EAL, the UK’s leading awarding body for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s).

Apprentice Training

The company currently employs twenty apprentices across four years, and recruits five or six on an annual basis. The apprentices work for four days a week in the factory, working on live projects currently being manufactured, and then spend a further day in a classroom environment undertaking the technical certificate element of the apprenticeship. Successful apprentices then have the opportunity, by means of an individual development plan, to spend time in each department to gain a broader knowledge of the business prior to joining a full fabrication team, or moving to developing more desk-based skills, such as with our technical, estimating or commercial teams.

These facilities have also benefited outside organisations on occasions, with both architects and consulting engineers receiving training in the Academy.

For further information on academy opportunities please contact our Human Resources Department.

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