Observations on 2020/21 by Caunton Chairman reported in the current Construction News

Caunton executive chairman Simon Bingham was invited by the major industry newspaper Construction News to reflect on the structural steelwork industry’s past year and to look ahead to what the future brings for this industry in particular. In an article published in the magazine he considered the worst did not come to pass, but that a degree of uncertainty remains. He states “In the (steelwork) sector, the general consensus appears to be that there is enough work out there. (However) it’s harder to get into contracts and, with people committing, there is a degree of hesitation.”
He does say that there are signs of better times on the horizon though. “We’re hearing engineers are busy now, which means we’ll be busy sometime next year too; so, generally, the (steelwork) sector will be in quite a good place,”
The full interview is reproduced here with the kind permission of Construction News .
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