Caunton Engineering welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Caunton Engineering welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak MP, to their manufacturing facilities on 24th March . He was particularly interested in how the company trained its young recruits. He toured the steelwork fabrication works, and was very interested to visit the company’s Apprentice Training Academy. He held a meeting with a team of eight apprentices, from year one through to the final year together with those that have graduated from our apprenticeship scheme. They explained their career development and why they chose to join the industry. He also welcomed being given some practical training by one of the apprentices as the attached photograph shows. Training is clearly a key element of the government’s priorities.

Caunton also hosted a meeting between the Chancellor and local business leaders from the Ashfield (East Midlands) area. His visit coincided with the “morning after” his Chancellor’s Spring Statement. Arrangements were made for him to be interviewed by the media, and particularly the three main TV channels. The Chancellor was seen on national TV screens addressing the questions while standing in Caunton’s main fabrication works, as the photograph shows.

Caunton were very proud to be providing this setting.
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