Caunton’s Chairman argues early involvement helps manage price instability

The Nov/Dec issue of New Steel Construction(NSC) argues strongly that despite misconceptions that steel price rises were different from those of other materials, steel remains the cost-effective framing material of first choice. Furthermore it reports client confidence remains high and new orders are flowing through steelwork contractors.
In the article in NSC, Executive Chairman of Caunton Engineering, Simon Bingham, says orders are being booked now for the third quarter of 2022. “The message about getting your steelwork contractor involved early is getting through. Clients used to order materials and services sequentially in line with the construction programme, but they have learned to order the element with the longest lead-in first, so steel comes higher up on the priority list. Procurement is becoming more strategic. We have heard that alternative materials had been looked at by client’s estimating teams, but steel is still emerging as the best option. We haven’t suffered any drop off in orders or our ability to deliver to clients on time and to budget.”
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