Caunton’s steelwork progressing on north London waste centre

The press reports that Caunton Engineering is progressing on schedule with the erection of the North London Waste Authority’s new sustainable waste management hub, known as Edmonton EcoPark. Working on behalf of main contractor Taylor Woodrow, the company is fabricating, supplying and erecting 1,963t of steelwork for the project.
The initial and current phase of works includes the construction of a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), which will be one of the largest publicly-owned facilities of its kind in London, with the capacity to manage 135,000 tonnes of recyclable material every year, as well as the first ever public Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC) at the site. These large steel-framed will receive waste, segregate it and prepare it into fuel for the waste-to-energy plant. Caunton are very pleased to be contributing to this sustainability project. For the full story please use this link.
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