“Blast Box” Contract Lays Foundations for UK Steel Construction System to Go Nuclear

In 2014 we at Caunton Engineering reported pioneering a new steel concrete walling system that could radically alter the way nuclear power stations are built.
This ground-breaking product, the Steel Bricks™ modular system , was backed by the Government with nearly £1.2m in funding from Innovate UK, then the newly-named Technology Strategy Board.
Use of the factory-made Steel Bricks™ system was planned to pave the way for large sections of nuclear power stations to be built off-site. This would speed up construction, improve build quality and reduce project risk.
The basic design concept was developed by Glasgow-based Modular Walling Systems. The firm had worked with the Steel Construction Institute and Caunton to refine the design in advance of building the first major sections.
And now Modular Walling Systems have announced a major breakthrough. The Steel Bricks™ modular construction system the company developed has been used to construct an Environmental Blast Chamber for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This Explosive “Blast Box” Contract lays the foundations for a UK Steel Construction System to Go Nuclear.
MWS have issued an exciting press release today which can be accessed using this link.
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