Caunton framing three apartment blocks in Bristol

Caunton Engineering are most pleased to have been awarded the contract for the framing of three apartment buildings, within a redevelopment of a derelict area of Bristol. Caunton’s client is Bristol based PG Construction Management (Carriageworks) Ltd and the project is being engineered by the consulting engineering practice Craddys, similarly Bristol based. The site once housed a former Victorian factory which made carriages back in the days when they were pulled by horses. Hence the site name, the Carriageworks.
Caunton are supplying nearly 700te of steelwork for the three residential buildings . The major building, comprising 435te of mainly beam and column structural steelwork, is an ‘L’ shaped building with 5 floors and roof: Caunton are also supplying and fixing precast concrete lift shafts, precast concrete floor slabs, and precast stair units.
Caunton are most pleased to be helping redevelop an important area of Bristol. The illustration shows how development company Fifth Capital London Ltd envisage the future site.
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