A Most Comprehensive Visit to Caunton by Nottingham University Students

Caunton Engineering were delighted to welcome a team of 21 engineering students from Nottingham University’s Civil Engineering department recently. These young engineers who are in the second year of their civil engineering studies were accompanied by two members of the academic staff. They were to spend the day learning how a structural steelwork contractor operates. There were works tours of Caunton’s three main manufacturing operations - preparation, production and painting. There was a presentation by Managing Director, Matthew Shimwell, featuring among other things the interface between the consulting engineer and the steelwork contractor, and how they can understand and help each other. (Many of the students will be expecting to join consulting engineers, but always welcome at steelwork contractors of course!) The afternoon was occupied by the opportunity to learn the practical skills of welding using equipment supplied on site in the accredited Caunton Training Academy, under the watchful eye of the Academy supervisor, and ably assisted by a Caunton team of four young apprentices. Competition was introduced to this exercise with a contest to see who learned quickest and welded best. The winners on this occasion were Christina Dunn and Jack Wood. Caunton are naturally pleased to be helping these aspiring engineers learn more about steel and how it can be used practically. Any other interested organization - consulting engineer, architect or contractor - will be welcome for a similar tour, which is complete with a full day’s CPD.
Please contact sales@caunton.co.uk for more information.

The photographs featured below show the students prepared for action, and in action
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