The sun shines on a Kimberley School visit to Caunton

Pupils of Kimberley School certainly chose a sunny day when they visited Moorgreen recently, as the photo shows. Jacquie Swinn had invited teacher Paul Abbott (both in photograph with Geoffrey Taylor and the pupils) to visit our works and offices, and he had selected those pupils who had done particularly well in their studies to accompany him.

Such is the demand for the visit nowadays, that many of the pupils of Kimberley School want to make.

The visit encompassed not only the works –guided by Steve Hayes on this occasion - but also our Knowledge Management and 3D modelling demonstrated by Kerry Twena and Jonathan Moore.

Paul is a specialist and most suitable teacher for such a visit - his title is Teacher of Design & Technology, Electronics, Systems & Control & Engineering, so we hope he too was able to increase his knowledge of steelwork engineering and manufacture, to pass onto his pupils. We at Caunton are delighted that our relationship with local schools is so strong. Let us anticipate they are currently teaching some of our future fellow-employees.

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